Why was ACCGS founded by collectors for collectors ?


Because collectively, no other Grading Service offers all these benefits:

1.)  *Professional Grading and Authentication by experts who have no vested interest in your coins. Some other grading services use dealers who know when their friends and associates send items in, despite the claims that submissions are anonymous. Because some items are very rare or well-known  hoards such as the S.S. Central America gold coins, many "anonymous" claims are impossible  to honestly assert by any grading service.   ACCGS uses natural lighting conditions, not "coin shop florescent" lighting that can make a appear to be what it is not.  For authentication, ACCGS use top-of-the-line scales and electronic microscopes. 

2.)  *To minimize any favoritism, at least three graders must all agree on the grade of the item.   In some cases, coins are even sent to 4th party specialist when there is not perfect agreement.  If there is no consistent consensus by at least three graders, then the submitter is given a full refund and the item is sent back as "unable to determine".
 Some grading services only have one or two graders examine your items.


3.)  *ACCGS grades ALL problem coins.  Most grading services do not grade nor refund money if they determine that your item has been cleaned, damaged, is porous, artificially toned, etc., even if the damage or porosity (pitting) is slight.   This is unfair to most collectors, because, for example, an estimated 90% of all pre 1838 coins have some degree of damage, porosity and/or cleaning.   ACCGS grades ALL such items, and notes any significant problems on the holder, without reducing the grade.   The damage is not noted on the holder unless it is significant and distracting to the overall eye-appeal. 

3.)  *Only $9 per coin standard fee, regardless of value. - Some other grading services charge up to $100 per coin or more, based on  and most charge higher postage/handling fees than ACCGS.   When you join the American Coin Club, you not only become a member of the Beverly Hills Coin Club as well, but you get to have a coin graded for FREE for every 10 coins submitted.  This alone is worth hundreds of dollars for as long as you remain a member.  You can find their membership information at www.bhcoinclub.org .

4.)  *Fast turn around time a the lowest standard fee. - Some other grading services take up to 45 days. During the month of July, 2003, ACCGS graded 3,774 coins and shipped most back in less than half of the 30 to 45 day period that others often take. 

5.)  *Clear Acrylic, Non - PVC (Non- Poly Vinyl Chloride) 2" x 3" holders. - Tamper-proof and permanently sealed with a patented process.  Easily fits most standard collection accessories and boxes. Easily stackable.  Designed to protect the coins for a lifetime and many generations to come. 

6.)  *All items are graded on BOTH sides and BOTH grades are placed on the holder. Many items graded MS 63 or 64 on the obverse are MS 65, MS 66 or even MS 67 on the reverse. This should be noted. A item's obverse grade should have nothing to do with the item's reverse grade, and vice versa. To pretend otherwise is not fair and objective. Most other grading services "average" both sides into one grade which can lead to inherent inaccuracy. 


7.)  To maximize the security of your items while being processed, ACCGS does not allow "walk-in" customers or unauthorized visitors as some of the other services do.   All items must be sent to us by registered or insured mail only.





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