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 5-DAY EXPRESS $19 ea.
 3-DAY EXPRESS $24 ea.
 2-DAY EXPRESS $29 ea.

Express available when paid by money order. Does not include weekends/holidays nor the last two weeks of December. Coins will be graded in the number of days indicated above. Expect two days both ways for delivery time.

Authentication/Grading/Encapsulation-U.S. Coins only
Authentication/Grading/Photo certified-All others.
Authentication/Encapsulation or photo certified -No grade
 RE EXAM (Must accompany ACCGS HOLDER)
 RE-HOLDER (Newer ACCGS HOLDER), add $10 each
 Additional APPRAISAL Photo certificates, add $10 each.
 E-Mail SERVICE: $10 for the entire submission -results by e-mail shortly after your coins have completed the grading process. No phone or fax service is available.

Dated Appraisal on Slab: $2

Dated Appraisal on Certificate $2

Estimated Surviving Census: $2


FedEx does not insure rare coins over $100.


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If known or applicable, list Variety /Attribution #

/Description if cleaned, damaged, repaired, etc.,

/Estimated grade abbreviation.


over MIN GD.

Example (Do not use this column)


P / U.S.A.



Yes No Yes No

# N.11/ Booby Head Variety / Cleaned / AU 50/AU 50

  1        /         /         /         /        /     Yes No Yes No  #              /                                       /                  /  
  2        /         /         /         /        /


  Yes No Yes No    
  3        /         /         /         /        /     Yes No Yes No    
  4        /         /         /         /        /     Yes No Yes No    
  5        /         /         /         /        /     Yes No Yes No    
  6        /         /         /         /        /     Yes No Yes No    
  7        /         /         /         /        /     Yes No Yes No    
  8        /         /         /         /        /     Yes No Yes No    
  9        /         /         /         /        /     Yes No Yes No    
10        /         /         /         /      / Yes No Yes No

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Services will not be rendered without payment in advance.
ACCGS will only accept insured cash or Money Order payment for Express service. Cash, checks or money orders accepted for Economy service. ACCGS does not accept any form of electronic payments.

Place items in separate poly bags or clear coin flips, any size. Mark holders with matching submission form line item numbers.

 Total owner’s value for entire order (Including additional pages). >

____# Items X $9

(Economy Service)


I have read the ACCGS Submission Form Instructions on page 2 of this form and I understand and agree to all of the stated policies.




_________________________________________                           ________________

                     Submitter's Signature                                                                               Date


Please print out more forms from or duplicate this form as needed for submissions.

Copyright 2008 by ACCGS  No part of this document may be quoted or published, other than for the submission and payment of services, without the express written permission of ACCGS.

____# Items X $________Express
Postage & Insurance $9 for the first items, + $3 per item.
Certified appraisal added to slab or signed on regular Photo certificate___ x $10

Varieties/Attributions confirmed (If listed above).

________# Items X $10

E-Mail Service – Only $10 per total order.

Appraisal and/or Census fees.  





ACCGS provides professional, serial-numbered opinions for the authenticity, grade and sealed encapsulation (“slabbing”) of ALL genuine U.S. and World Coins and sealed photo certificates for odd-size errors, and many non U.S. regular issued coins, tokens, casino chips, ancient and foreign coins as well as optional variety attributions and written appraisals.  ACCGS provides many additional services to submitters:  Identifying and grading problem coins; writing articles for numismatic publications including the annual Rare Coin Magazine; and publishing objective price guides and population reports.   For an additional fee of $10, ACCGS will provide a current, appraisal on the slab of the item’s fair market resell value.  This is based on at least three expert opinions of the item’s opening bid value at most major auctions.  Additionally, the appraised value is guaranteed to be the at least the minimum opening bid price at world-wide auctions held monthly at the American Coin Club (ACC) and the Beverly Hills Coin Club &  the Beverly Hills Casino Club (BHCC),.   These organizations will offer any ACCGS item for auction to thousands of collectors and members of ACC & BHCC, at the stated ACCGS grade.  There is only a 10% sales commission, provided the items remain in original, serial-numbered ACCGS holders.


All information is optional other than filling in the dates/mintmarks and fee amounts. If you do not know the variety/attribution simply leave it blank. Grade and value are optional but helpful for our data collection to know your best general estimate. We do not provide that information without seeing the coins. The more information provided the faster we can get the coins back to you. Service fees are calculated based on business days that we are open. We are closed Friday thorugh Monday to attend coin shows. Our business days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Additionally, we are closed on Veteran's Day week, Thanksgiving week and the week before and after Christmas.

For all genuine U.S. Coins: ACCGS’ philosophy is that any authentic coin is worthy of being assigned a grade and certified authentic, regardless of normal wear and tear, damage or problems which millions of coins commonly endure. This includes coins that may have been cleaned, corroded, porous, damaged and/or repaired. Most grading services do not grade such coins but charge fees for examination, or lower the grades as “net grades”. ACCGS provides an EXACT grade of both obverse and reverse with any problem noted below the exact grade. Grades should pertain to actual wear, not highly subjective or erroneous opinions as to how much cleaning, damage, etc., allegedly “lowers” grades. Wear is wear, damage is damage, and both should be described separately in any grading opinion.

ACCGS AUTHENTICATES and/or GRADES and provides PHOTOCERTIFICATES with airtight sealed holders securely affixed.
For all non U.S. regular issued coins: Colonial Coins, Error coins, So-Called Dollars, Tokens and Casino Chips, These odd-size items cannot safely fit into any encapsulated holder without subjecting them to “air pockets” that will eventually cause oxidation and spotting. Thus, ACCGS provides airtight sealed holders securely affixed to high resolution photo certificates which include authenticity report and certified grade.
APPRAISAL PHOTO CERTIFICATE Resell Market Value $10 each.
ACCGS issues a written expert opinion of the each item’s current value, signed by at least two professionals who have examined

SUPERLATIVE CATEGORY DESIGNATIONS The following will be posted in addition to the grade when seldom found on certain issues graded AU 50 & above:

FULL WREATH – When rarely found on certain early copper and Seated coins.
FULL DIAMONDS – When rarely found on certain dates of Indian Cents.
FULL FEATHERS – Indian Cents, Silver coins with an eagle on the reverse.
FULL WHEAT LINES – Such as rarely found on D & S cents.
FULL TAIL FEATURES – Such as rarely found on D & S Buffalo Nickels.
FULL 6 STEPS, 5 STEPS, 5.5 STEPS, 5 STEPS – Jefferson Nickels.
FULLY ROUNDED SPLIT BANDS – Mercury Dimes and Roosevelt Dimes.
SPLIT BANDS - Middle Band is nearly split, but not fully rounded.
FULL HEAD, 3/4th HEAD, 7/8th HEAD – Standing Liberty Quarters
FULL THUMB – As rarely found on the hip of certain Walking Liberty Halves.
FULL BELL LINES – 99% Bell Lines (as struck) Franklin Halves.
NEARLY FULL BELL LINES - 95% or more Bell lines-Franklin Halves.
FULL HAIR – As is rarely found above the ear on certain Morgan Dollars.

TYPICAL STRIKE – For soft strike such as found on early D, S, O and CC mint coins.
SUPERIOR STRIKE – Such as rarely found on early D, S, O and CC mint coins.
SUPERIOR FULL STRIKE –Such as rarely found on certain pre 1934 coins.
SUPERIOR LUSTER – Such as rarely found on some nickels & Morgan Dollars.
SUPERIOR, SLIGHTLY POROUS, MODERATELY POROUS or HEAVILY POROUS SURFACES – Such as found on early copper and silver coins.

PRINT OR TYPE All information requested, including name, address and “ship to” address on the form.
Check Speed & Service(s) requested.
Enter description, including date, mint, country, etc. If known or applicable, list Variety/Attribution #/Description if cleaned, damaged, repaired, etc./Estimation of owner’s value for each item.
Total the values of all submitted coins and enter the amount in the block labeled “Total Owner’s Value for Complete Submission” on page one.
Add return shipping fee of $9 for the first one to 10 items and $3 per item over ten for Postage, Insurance, and Handling.
Place raw coins in polybags or clear plastic flips of any size. Mark holders with matching submission form line item numbers. Packaging materials will not be returned.

Sign and date the form.
Make check payable to ACCGS. PAYMENT IN FULL MUST ACCOMPANY YOUR ORDER. Coins will not be processed without payment.
Indicate on your shipping label or on the front of your package the speed of service requested. (ECONOMY, 5 DAY, 3 DAY, OR 2 –DAY EXPRESS).

Insure your shipment for an appropriate amount.

CROSSOVER SUBMISSION POLICIES/PROCEDURES – (Coins in other service’s holders)
Crossover submissions are inspected in the other services holder with the grade covered. When ACCGS final grades are determined, these grades are compared against those that you listed on the submission form. If the minimum grade that you listed on the submission form is met or exceeded, the coin is removed from its sealed holder and encapsulated in an ACCGS holder. By signing the submission form, you authorize American Coin Club Grading Service. (ACCGS) to crossover the listed coins for ACCGS encapsulation or photocertification at or above the listed minimum grade, and to remove qualifying coins from the sealed holders in which they are submitted. You further agree to release ACCGS from its crossover grade if, when removed from the holder, a coin exhibits detracting factors which were not visible through the plastic. In that rare event, ACCGS is not bound to honor the crossover final grade; however, there will be only a $10 fee for each coin if such a rare event occurs, and the balance in certification fees will be returned.

1. ACCGS guarantees that any item it certifies as genuine, and not found to be authentic at a later date, will be purchased by ACCGS at fair market value at the time the mistake is discovered. ACCGS will endeavor to grade and authenticate items within the time frame offered by ACCGS. After examining over 3,000 items during ACCGS’ first month of service in July, 2003, all items were delivered to customers in the time stated.
2. ACCGS will grade items that have been cleaned, have artificial toning, damaged surfaces, excessive major marks, planchet flaws, altered surfaces, PVC damage, or similar impairments, but such impairments will be noted on the holder. ACCGS WILL NOT grade or authenticate any item that is counterfeit or altered to appear deceptive. Customer agrees that in the event ACCGS rejects any item in accordance with ACCGS's current standards and procedures, ACCGS shall refund the fee except for $10 because the determination to reject an item requires time. Grades assigned: PR-1, FR-2, AG-3, G-4, G-6, VG-8, VG-10, F-15, VF-20, VF-25, VF-30, VF-35, EF-40, EF-45, AU-50, AU-53, AU-55, AU-58, MS or Proof 60 through 70.
Because multiple factors are involved in grading, including, for example, not only the number of bagmarks, but the location, size and shape of bagmarks, eye-appeal, strike, luster, toning, etc., grading is an art, not a science, and therefore the opinion rendered by the ACCGS may not agree with the opinion of others (including trained experts), and the same expert may not grade the same item with the same grade at two different times. On rare occasions, coins have to undergo additional testing for questionable authenticity if consensus among graders concludes that counterfeit.  In such cases, coins may undergo further testing with chemicals, acid tests or other solvents needed to test the metal content.  These tests are kept to as minimal possible to avoid as much distracting damage as possible.  The tests may dissolve artificial plating, coatings, lacquer, plugging or restoration but will have minimal affect on the original attributes of the item as manufactured by the counterfeiter, except in regards to color.  ACCGS disclaims any warranties, express or implied with respect to the authenticity or grade assigned by ACCGS to any item, except pursuant to ACCGS's resubmission, re-verification, regrade service and guarantee that the American Coin Club and the Beverly Hills Coin Club will auction the items if proven genuine by other established third parties, and at the same grade assigned.

4. To minimize any favoritism, 2 out of 3 graders must agree on the grade of each coin. Any coin graded in 3 different grades by 3 different graders will be returned unslabbed. Regular fees apply for time and labor.
5. If ACCGS determines that Customer's item was lost or damaged while in ACCGS's possession, Customer will be compensated in accordance with ACCGS's standard procedures and not necessarily based upon the insured value the customer assigned to the item. Such compensation shall be Customer's exclusive remedy for any loss or damage, and ACCGS disclaims any liability for incidental or consequential damages arising therefrom. All inquiries must be in writing, either by e-mail or regular mail. No phone inquiries will be accepted under any circumstances.
6. Customer must inspect all items immediately upon receipt and ACCGS disclaims any liability for damage or discrepancies (such as errors pertaining to the description of the item) unless reported to ACCGS IN WRITING, by either e-mail or regular mail, within five (5) days of Customer's receipt of the item(s). Customer agrees to return any incorrectly described item to ACCGS upon request for correction and agrees to indemnify and hold ACCGS harmless from any and all losses and / or claims caused by the circulation or sale of incorrectly described item.
7. ACCGS shall have no liability whatsoever to the customer for any personal injury or damage to any item, or otherwise, resulting from the breaking open of a ACCGS item holder, or for any damage to any item that ACCGS can reasonably demonstrate occurred while not in the custody or control of ACCGS.
8. Customer agrees (a) to pay ACCGS all fees and other charges when due; (b) that any delinquent balances shall accrue interest at the rate of 10% per year until paid; and (c) that ACCGS shall have a security interest in the items submitted, as well as in any other property of Customer in the possession of ACCGS or its affiliates, to secure payment thereof.
9. Except as expressly set forth herein, ACCGS disclaims any and all warranties regarding ACCGS goods and services.
10. Exclusive jurisdiction and venue for any dispute arising from Customer's submission of items to ACCGS shall be in the Superior Court, Los Angeles County, California, and Customer agrees to waive any right to a trial by jury in any such action, and further agrees that the prevailing party in any such action shall be entitled to an award of its attorney's fees and costs.


Copyright 2004-2014 by ACCGS No part of this document may be quoted or published, other than for the submission and payment of services, without the express written permission of ACCGS.