No other grading service offers a better guarantees. 


1..)  * Guaranteed marketplace to buy and sell quality ACCGS coins.  With many members losing favor with the other grading services, ACCGS was voted the official grading service of the American Coin Club (ACC) and the Beverly Hills Coin Club (BHCC). These two organizations have guaranteed to offer for sale all ACCGS graded items at their monthly auctions.  All three organizations guarantee that any ACCGS-graded item will be offered for public sale at the same graded printed on ACCGS holders, at a minimum bid that represents it's fair market price at the time of posting for sale.    These auctions are published monthly to a world-wide audience on the internet at and  ACCGS-graded items are also auctioned in the clubs quarterly bulletin, Rare Coin Magazine, giving further exposure to some of the wealthiest collectors in Beverly Hills, around the nation and around the world.    Although both organizations and other auction firms usually charge a 15% to 20% commission for selling coins, for ACCGS graded coins, the  sales commission  is only a flat 10%, with no buyer's fees charged.  These auctions are a great way to sell collectibles without worrying about all the time and expense of invoicing, postage, packaging, insurance and running back and forth to the post office all the while keeping track of your sells and auctions.   commission.  Once your items are graded, you may chose to save further time and postage by having ACCGS consign your newly-graded  items to the American Coin Club directly for inclusion in their upcoming auctions.  A receipt will then be sent to you within one week and the coins will be auctioned for you within 30 days.   The American Coin Club and their volunteers do all the work for you for just a low 10% commission which in turn funds some of their non-profit projects such as the their International Museum Fund and the Youth Outreach Programs. 


2..)  * Guarantee against theft or loss while in ACCGS possession.  Out of 3,774 items submitted in July, 2003, not a single one was ever misplaced.  ACCGS keeps your items safely in climate controlled and highly secured offices and bank vaults.  Through a professional accounting system, all people involved with  items received here at ACCGS must sign for it and account for its whereabouts at all time.  ACCGS gives an immediate refund of YOUR estimated value for any item in the rare and unlikely event that an item is misplaced or stolen while in ACCGS possession. All items are fully insured by U.S. mail on their way back or you or any destination of your choice.    Additionally, ACCGS files a complete police report and investigation.  No other professional organization offers better guarantees than ACCGS. 





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